Without any doubt, business and companies certainly are places that waste rather a lot in a daily basis. Here are a few tips to avoid that…

Paper and filing materials; stepping out of the past

If there’s one thing that is common with companies of today and companies of the days of the past; it’s all the paperwork involved. Despite how much technology has improved, and that we are almost ready to conduct meetings using holograms, the written word still holds a tangible power. Things like agreements are more binding when it is in written form; and written consent is still imperative for certain decisions. But apart from these important things, there are those paperwork that can easily be digitalized; saving up on paper¾inevitably saving the nature as well. Look into hyper-converged infrastructure solution and cloud storage. Thanks to modern technology, digitalization no longer means bulky equipment…

Electricity wastage from top to bottom

Does your company or business use Wi-Fi? For sure, it makes things much faster and more convenient. However, if you feel your data usage is a little high for “strictly work”, you might want to check that out, right along with looking into internet bandwidth management. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the “insignificant” electrical wastage. Machines running for hours without being used (like the printer, the copy machine, or the common coffee machine), lights switched on then forgotten, air conditioners running in empty rooms…they all count. And while it certainly adds up in your electrical usage and bill, it also affects the environment. Remember to lead by example; starting from you.  

The relationship between plastic and water

If your employees work prolonged hours in front of a computer, then it is vital that they are well hydrated. If they don’t keep hydrated, the brain can get tired; resulting in them being less efficient in their work and being more prone to mistakes. However, if your office staff use disposable plastic bottles, you might want to put a stop to that. All that plastic takes forever to be disposed of, and most of the time, bottled water is not entirely consume¾which means water gets wasted as well. provide water filters for your office with reusable cups. This will also give your employees an excuse to move about a little; something that can help with their creativity.

Leftover food and food wastage; everyday and on special occasions

Company lunch areas are a great idea if you want to promote better work relationships among your employees. After all, food does tend to help people connect. However, if you use the “tray system”, you might want to check on the regular food wastage. Improving the quality of your food, and the reducing the size of your trays certainly will help. But if the food wastage is still relatively high, consider donating the leftovers to a soup kitchen, or the waste to a pig farm. You can follow this system with your special occasion party food as well.