Dolls are a great way for kids to play and have fun. Being in age surrounded by technology, children are rarely given the chance to expand their creative minds. These little friends are one way of getting your child to be creative and learn at the same time.
The history Up until the late 1800 children were used to play with dolls that did replicate adults but its delicate state made it more of a collectable item rather than a play item for children. The introduction of baby doll brought in a different and more child friendly aspect in to doll industry. This concept was widely adapted around the world thus resulting in many forms of dolls. Now baby dolls have a wide range categorizing from Chinese baby doll, Indian baby doll to African baby doll, check more here. 
Baby dolls VS fashion doll If we look at the market today we do see a lot of new age fashion dolls that represent what society thinks a women should be like in terms of looks and what she wears. Subconsciously children tend to think and act according what they are exposed at childhood. Back in the 1800 the baby doll was therefore used to teach children about motherhood and the responsibilities of a woman. Some people do argue that baby dolls are not suitable because they are just one more way of making women who do not desire motherhood, feel pressure about not full filling her role as a women. But regardless of that baby dolls have been around since the time they were first introduce to the present while other dolls that represent style and fashion have ceased to survive in the market and therefore are constantly changing. Even if it does force the idea of motherhood promoting baby dolls seems to be a healthier choice rather than the new fashion centered dolls that we see in stores today. Are you looking for chinese dragon robe? just click the hyperlink provided for details and for all inquries.
Dolls for peace Baby dolls now are made to represent all types of ethnicities and cultures. For example the Chinese baby doll is created to represent the Chinese culture. The doll’s clothes, appearance would all be made to represent a Chinese culture and ethnicity. This is one way of teaching children about the multicultural world that we live in. By using these types of baby dolls children are given the chance to learn about the various cultures and the traditions. This is one way of teaching children about respecting each different type of culture and people from those cultures. Such baby dolls are great gifts to give to children. They are now available through online store that offer a wide rage to choose form. They can be used as play items, a learning tool or as a collectable item. Either way baby dolls are a great way to introduce children to geography and different cultures from around the world.