Are you a talented designer but still find that you struggle to make sufficient sales per month to keep your business running? Do you want to advertise your brand and services to a larger audience but do not know how to do so? If so, you can try promoting your business at a clothing exhibition if you are a fashion designer or a tech exhibition if you design electronic items and so on. Once you feel like you have created enough items, the key to now building a successful business is to market it properly. And to also market it everywhere. You need to advertise your brand on newspapers, magazines, on your own online website. You can try social media marketing and finally in exhibitions as well. Since exhibitions get visitors that are genuinely interested in trying out and purchasing services and products, it is a wonderful place to promote your business and find new clients and customers. But this is not always as easy as it sounds. If you are advertising and presenting your new range of laptops at a tech exhibition, chances are, there will be several different brands promoting their own new ranges of laptops and it is up to you to come up with an idea to stand out and successfully advertise your business.  

Create a striking exhibition booth 

The best way to attract more people to your booth is to make it very eye catching. You can have a huge poster or backdrop that has images advertising your brand. The images you use for your banners and backdrops must be of very high quality so that even when they are blown up and printed on large materials, they can still look just as clear. This is especially important when you have any text on this image. Maybe a call to action or the tag line for your brand. The next thing that you can do is to arrange a pop-up display and have enough space so that anyone who is interested can come in and try your new laptops out. 

Provide refreshments 

Most exhibitions, especially when it is a tech exhibition, do not have any booths inside the exhibition selling food or beverages and people will usually be quite hungry walking around different stalls and hearing lengthy explanations about different services. If you offer refreshments to anyone who visits your stall, you will surely attract way more clients than any other stall. This will also make these clients stay at your booth longer as they consume their refreshments and you can in turn use this time to explain to them what your product and brand is about. You can even add a little note saying ‘refreshments provided’ on your outdoor banner that you placed outside the exhibition venue. You can view more information by checking out

Use these marketing tips to bring in way more customers than you expected and create a successful exhibition experience.