1For many professions, it is important to pursue continuing professional development (CPD) in order to fulfill the industry requirements for certification. CPD is one of the means to help professionals ensure their competence and maintain their knowledge and skills related to their field of work. The law industry is one of these professions. Each year, a wide range of courses of CPD for lawyers are offered to legal practitioners in Hong Kong to help them fulfill their professional requirement for continuing accreditation. These courses cover a variety of topics including corporate insolvency law, acquisition financing, SFC investigation handling, international arbitration, insurance law and matters related to divorce. They serve as an important source of professional knowledge about the latest trends and development in the legal field to legal practitioners.

It is commonly agreed that becoming a lawyer requires years of studies and training. In many countries lawyers and other legal practitioners such as paralegals and mediators are required to study CPD courses and collect a certain number of points as a form of accreditation. The purpose of these courses is to keep them updated with the industry trends and maintain their professional status as well as the general level of legal services. Many of these courses are now available in online format such as webinars or distance learning in order to suit the hectic schedule of course takers, who can enroll for the courses depending on their field of interest or enroll a multiple of courses in the form of a package to enjoy discounts offered by course organizers.

Apart from legal practitioners, other professions that are required to take CPD courses include education and health professionals, surveyors, IT, financial management and engineering practitioners. By taking CPD courses, professionals from different industries are able to not only enhance their knowledge and equip themselves with a more complete skill set, they can also build a sense of self-confidence with the additional accreditation they receive. To ensure money well spent, course takers should make sure that the courses they enroll in are provided by a qualified and reputable organizers. Selecting a reputable course organizer is like buying a product. What you get largely depends on the product or service provider you choose. When considering taking a CPD course, in addition to the course topic and content, manner of delivery and course fee, attention should also be paid to such criteria as the course standard, course presenter’s qualification as well as the quality of the course provider. Look for those providers who have a long-standing reputation in organizing CPD courses and you won’t be wrong. In case you are a newbie who has just started your career, ask for tips and comment from your experience colleagues, who sure will be able to give you useful tips on how to choose appropriate course.