matchmaking的圖片搜尋結果Even with the rise in dating sites, finding the right date has increasingly become a daunting task. The existing sites have provided nothing more than a database for information exchange. The existing models employ a routine shift-and-match method, or computer models that match people based on age, height and profession. For individuals seeking lifelong partners, and professionals, these models have provided no solution to write home about.

Matchmaking for professionals is a tight rope to walk. It requires experience, attention to detail and an appetite for success. Only a personalized one-on-one matching scheme can help find a life partner for a professional. This model matches partners based on their background, character and personal requirements.

One-on-one matchmaking service ensures clients make their choice. They have the opportunity to see photographs and go through profiles of suitable dates. After the client makes their choice, is when a date is set up. This service offers dating for clients who are genuinely in need of life partners and whose details have been checked. The resulting database is therefore of real people who are looking for long term commitment. The other important aspect of this service is the respect for privacy, client details are strictly confidential.

In a one-on-one matchmaking service, the client benefits from the tailor made moderation. A pre-dating consultation is available for the client to be listened to and their background and requirements understood. A partner is selected in a personalized way, and the client has the chance to read the profile and see a photo of the suggested match before a date is set. The matchmaker provides professional advice on self-presentation, make up and even communication skills during the date.  They provide follow up on client impression and comments after the date. All the client information is kept confidential and can only be accessed by them. The client base for the site is conducive for the dating experience, women are in their marrying age as well as men. There are also no hidden charges throughout the process. There are packages that match each individual.

The success of the process requires a professional matchmaker. This person should be able to match clients based on their background, personality and personal requirements. They should have a wide social network. They should be able to listen to the client and find out what they are looking for in a partner, and strive to achieve that on first attempt. The matchmaker should invite the client to better understand them and help find a solution for their need for a life partner. They should be able to organize the date in a relaxed environment.

Other than pairing of clients, the professional matchmaker will also offer love coaching through pre- and post-dating advice, image consulting as well as services designed to find matches based on high level selection criteria.