Finding a job can be challenging for different reasons. You could say that you need the right qualifications and experience, the capacity to do the job and what not. But what I think is toughest challenge in find the right job is making up your mind as to what you want to do with life. I wanted to be a journalist. Slowly I realized that being a journalist is a difficult job and the pay for it is not very high. At least not for those who are growing. That made me think about if I should go through with it. I slowly stopped writing and studied business. It all went well and then I left school and did a part time job in advertising. I learnt to design and I become very good at it. I also started writing again when I joined an advertising agency for recruitment agency Hong Kong Now I am stuck with again with choosing to continue with designing, writing or a job in the business field. That is the challenge and here are your options.

The media industry is quite a tough industry to work in because sometimes you won’t get your lucky break and sometimes you will. The jobs you will find are writing, editor, designing, journalism, etc. If you write a story sometimes society can reject it and you fail. Sometime society will rejoice your work. The highest success you can get. Same goes with designers and so on.

The business world is the industry where the demand is very high. Jobs are plenty but the thing about the business world is that most of them a q routine jobs unlike the above. You have human resource management jobs, accounting, advertising, marketing and even payroll processing jobs. These jobs are the ones that form the almost every company. Depending on the requirement and the size of the company qualifications for outsourced payroll solutions can differ.

Technology is an industry that has taken over the world and in the process of doing so it has created so many jobs. From computer programming, gaming industry to even the movie industry where animated movies are made require people with good skills in the computer based designing. Do not forget about the applications on mobiles that you use day to day. People have great ideas for apps and they require people who can make them. A good job opportunity – certainly.

Although not many skills are require for most jobs, according to research one of the top 10 skills that a person will require for their workplace is creativity. Develop creativity before it is too late and you will end up with a good job.