It is a medium of expression of one’s thoughts and emotions using the creative process of making art in order to achieve better physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is relatively a new form of therapy and has proven to have many benefits. It is used in the field of psychology for counselling, psychotherapy, healing, rehabilitation, and treatment. It is based on offering five main services which includes self-awareness, emotion and impulse regulation, behavioural change and better insight and comprehension. art workshop for adults Hong Kong

Many confuse art classes Hong Kong and art therapy to mean the same, but it is not. While a class would help you to develop expertise in the creative process, therapy allows you to express yourself using the creative process. A therapist in this sense is professionally qualified in both art and therapy. They work with individuals of varying age groups including children, adults and the elderly. They can also work with families, groups, couples and communities. Their service can be found in many institutions such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, wellness centres or in independent practices. It may help addicts to overcome their addictions, children with developmental disabilities, couples with marital problems, and patients with depression and other psychiatric illnesses. It is also found useful in those who are battling a past traumatic event or even in children who has issues in their families. 

Making art can be in various forms such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and many other. One doesn’t necessarily need to be talented or have high expertise in art to enjoy the benefits of this type of therapy. It is about the process rather than the product. Though initially it may be difficult to express one’s self through this creative process, with time it becomes a familiar way of communicating thoughts and emotions. Colouring, drawing and painting is a very taboo in the adult world but these social norms have to be challenged and attending an art workshop for adults Hong Kong may do the trick to allow your inner creativity to come out! 

Art therapy can be a rewarding experience which not only helps to resolve underlying psychological problems but also to relieve tension and self-discover. So even if you feel like you may not need it, you will be surprised to find out what it can offer you. This type of therapy is different from the rest because it allows you to express what cannot be expressed though words. It is an upcoming practice and will soon become the most effective way of counselling and psychotherapy. It is also a good career aspiration for those who are interested!