Every nation, continent, island and the world as a whole would dream of a corruption free globe but we all know that it is practically impossible to be dreaming of something that can never become true unless we run back in age where there was no one in the world except the Greek gods and goddesses as per history. As much as we all think we want to build a better country and better world for the kids or the children to take up the future, it’s not easy to do so with increasing corruption in every nation. It’s not that there weren’t murders happening or robberies taking place several years ago but we can see the count of such incidents happening had remarkably increased compared to how it was back then. 

If you watch television, you will at least one murder, a rape or a some harassment that has taken place within the day and it’s said that every hour, there is a child getting abused or molested and every thirty minutes, there is an abortion that’s happening in the world and this is not a pretty thing to hear. If you talk to a SFC lawyer in Hong Kong, you will see how much people are willing to bribe on certain things irrespective of how much they have to pay back. 

These bribes may not always be in the financial form but they could also be in the form of any other physical material and I have come across students have claimed to provide great academic result sheets by bribing an educational institute in India to obtain a scholarship. The student has continued to tell that he didn’t know about the false certificates as they have been forwarded by his agent. However the suspended sentence Hong Kong http://www.mcs.com.hk/court/ claims that both parties shall be kept remanded until the evidence come out.   

I think a corruption free country is not only about reducing the count of robberies and rapes happening, but it’s about starting it from you. If you don’t do it, then who will? Change should not be forced into people, it should come from within and it starts at baby steps. If you are given fuel allowance for office purpose, use it only for that and anything that is used within personal boundaries is consuming the money that people paid in the form of tax. You might not feel it in that way but that is also corruption. Start promoting transparency, empower citizens more and instead of speaking of how people rape and murder, start changing yourself into becoming a better citizen and everything else will fall into place.