Why High School Relationships Never Work Out

Why High School Relationships Never Work Out
I’m not speaking on behalf of everybody on this subject, but coming from my own personal experience, I have learned a thing or two about why high school relationships rarely work out. It is an ugly truth that nobody wants to accept. Let me tell you why that is the case.

College is the best sabotaging relationships. In high school, my boyfriend and I were inseparable and my friends were just so sick of us sticking together all the time. We worked so hard together through our ibdp exams and various study programmes. Our relationship was nothing but strong and solid. But by the time college rolled around, it was a different story. Of course, just like many other high school couples, we decided to go to different colleges and we ended up being in two different states. The first couple months were fine – we would skype and talk on the phone after class, sharing interesting stories about our how our annoying roommates wouldn’t stop harassing us. But then things started to get complicated. We started drifting apart – he would be too busy to talk to me, saying that he was too preoccupied with work. During the first spring break, we finally decided it was time to part ways – it turns out that he met someone new in school.

Of course, I was heartbroken at first then I bounced back quickly because I understand that there’s a plenty of fish in the sea. The breakup was ugly, but I came to understand one thing – out of sight, out of mind is true. In retrospect, I probably didn’t work hard enough on our relationship – I was always busy with school work and extracurricular activities. I did get distracted too when new love interests sprung up. I even decided to go on trips with my college friends instead of going home and seeing him. I should’ve known that it was a big red flag in our relationship then. Of course, it’s not that you don’t love him anymore, but the distance definitely got the best of your relationship.

This is not to say that high school relationships would never work out – they do, but it’s a rare case. You need to make sure that you are making extra efforts in sustaining your relationship so that it is strong enough to withstand the challenges. If there is one thing that college students lack, it is definitely self-control. But speaking as an adult now, there’s nothing wrong with being curious at some point. You want to explore and see what it feels like to date other people, especially if you boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t around to keep you focused. To all the high school sweethearts out there, I hope this article helps you figure out what you want to do with your relationship going forward.

Three Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend
best-ways-to-surprise-your-Guys, are you feeling like things are getting a bit dull between you and your girlfriend? Looking for ways to spice things up again to find the long-lost passion? Here are a few ideas how you can surprise your partner.

Take her out to a romantic date
When was the last time you two dressed up to head to a fancy restaurant, sipping on champagne teasing each other? There are numerous romantic date ideas. My personal favorite place is the beach. Strolling along the beach and holding hands, while overlooking the amazing sea view, this is the perfect time for you two to catch up and forget the hustle and bustle. Girls like it when guys listen and respond. So pay attention when we talk!

Surprise her with a gift
Everybody loves gifts, especially girls. Having trouble with selecting a gift for her? Here are some great ideas. The best gift is always the most thoughtful. I am the type of girl who never wears high heels and makeup, partly because I am just lazy like that and I don’t really care for dressing up. But I had this really important event to go to the next day. As I was frantically searching for a pair of shoes that would go with my outfit, my boyfriend surprised me with a brand new pair of high heels. He purchased the high heels online on a design-your-own-shoe store the night before. I was not only amazed at his fantastic taste, but also how much he really cares and pays attention to my needs. I was in tears because I could not express how thankful I was towards his kind gesture. So like I said before, a perfect gift isn’t always about its price tag; it’s about the thought that goes into it.

Send her flowers at work
This one may be a bit old-fashioned and corny, but the trick never gets old. All girls like it when they receive flowers and have something to flaunt in front of their co-workers. Not only will she be very impressed, she will also have something lovely to appreciate during her boring days at work. You could also go the extra mile and send her a card with a thoughtful and genuine message to show how much you appreciate her. Sometimes girls just need to hear it. So guys don’t be afraid to express yourselves no matter how horrifying you think it may be.

Hopefully these ideas will help rekindle the romance between you two. Remember, girls like it when guys are being upfront. Although a surprise can give make her day, you could work towards bettering the relationship by keeping the lanes of communications open.

Three Reasons Why Couples Should Not Work Out Together
Couples-Workout-410x290I know most of you may be shocked at the title, but the last thing I want to see is another couple work out together and fight in front of me. I have a personal trainer in Hong Kong and he’s also told me that having a couple as clients can be a headache sometimes. Here are three reasons why I believe couples should not exercise together.

First, you deserve some me time when working out. You go on a treadmill, start blasting music and free your mind from all the daily routines and hustle. The last thing you want is your partner annoying you with his or her problems while you immerse yourself in sweat. Everybody should be entitled to some alone time once in a while, and I think workout sessions are the perfect time to let your thoughts sink in.

Second, it’s great that if your partner is as motivated as you and keep you focused when you get distracted. But if both of you two lack motivation and determination, together you will be a disaster. You two just want to give up, go home and take a break forever. It definitely helps to find yourself a workout buddy, but a wrong one could be detrimental to your progress. Your partner may not be able to hold you accountable if he or she isn’t a great example for you to follow. It is very important that you are executing your fitness goals with the right person, and sometimes your partner just isn’t the right candidate.

Third and lastly, the way guys and girls get motivated is so different. For guys, they like to swear a lot and get rowdy to pump each other up. We have all seen that in the gym. But for girls, we like to keep it a bit more discreet and subtle. I have seen a girl getting yelled at by her boyfriend at the gym for not pushing hard enough, and the girl just stormed out of the place. Although it was very awkward, I could understand that most girls are just not ready for that type of motivational method and could feel disrespected at times.

Of course, it all really comes down to the personality of you two. I suggest couples create certain ground rules for working out together before you make up their minds. If you are not sure what’s best way to stay fit, perhaps you could use some personal training. Personal training in Hong Kong is virtually available at any gyms and it really helps go a long way. If you two are just not compatible when it comes to exercising together, you should just leave it at that to avoid any unnecessary drama and tears.

Three Birthday Gift Ideas for Him
birthday-gifts-for-himLadies, it is that time of the year again – your boyfriend’s birthday. To be honest, I find getting a gift for guys so much more difficult than girls. Just on top of my head I can think of a million things that will make a girl happy – perfume, clothes, flowers, stuffed toys and many more. I’m not so sure if guys would react the same way as girls when they get stuffed toys for their birthday. Feeling like your options are too limited? Let’s see three birthday gift ideas I’ve got below.

I know you are probably going to hate this one, but I think video games are a great idea. A lot of girls hate when their boyfriends spend too much time sitting at home and playing video games non-stop. Instead of whining about it, I think it is actually a good idea that you try to get more involved in the gaming world and be a part of it. I know a lot of guys who are into gaming find this idea amazing. Even if you hate it, pretend that you like it for a while and I’m sure he will appreciate the effort. Get video games that both of you can play and become happy gamers together!

Most girls think that guys don’t like accessories. Well, it’s not entirely true. A lot of guys appreciate accessories such as rings and necklaces as much as girls do. Personally I like handmade necklaces the best because it is the most common accessory among guys and second, you can customize the gift however you want! Get two for the both of you and engrave as many cheesy, cute sayings as you want. Not sure where to buy handmade necklaces? Just go online – there are numerous online boutique stores that provide handmade necklaces, rings and handmade earrings for sale.

If your boyfriend is a dedicated music lover, this one will come in handy – portable speakers. Let him blast music whenever he wants. Portable speakers allow you to connect your phone and other electronic devices via Bluetooth and it’s so useful on so many occasions, such as house parties and junk trips. If there’s one thing that guys love, it is practicability. You certainly can’t go wrong with this one, unless he has one sitting at home already.

These are just a few birthday gift ideas and suggestions for your boyfriend. Don’t stress too much if you are having trouble looking for a perfect gift for him. Remember, as insensitive as some guys can be, ultimately they will appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the entire selection process. Do your research, know your budget and shop away now!

Four Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring
engagement-rings-propose1-620x619Engagement rings are tricky. You don’t want to ruin possibly the second best day of your life with a poor quality ring. Since you are not exactly in the position to ask your fiancé what kind of style or size she prefers, you really need to take your best chance here. If you are looking to get an engagement ring for the love of your life and not sure what to do, follow the tips below and you may just score yourself and your wife-to-be a perfect, shiny ring.

First, try to make an intelligent guess about what your fiancé prefers from her regular taste and personality. Some people like to keep it classy and simple with just the right diamond size; some people just can’t wait to flaunt their wealth and love their husband have for them. This is really a testing of how well you know your fiancé. So be careful with the selection – women tend to never forget and forgive.

Second, be wise with your money. You probably want to spoil your love of your life the most elegant, luminous diamond ring that costs an arm and a leg. But we all know that a wedding is going to cost you even more than an arm and a leg with everything including the wedding dresses, dinner and many other random things. Are you sure you want to spend all that money on just one ring? Be careful of how much you are spending based on how much you can spend. Don’t get in over your head. You don’t want to go in debt for a ring. I’m sure your fiancé will understand.

Third, steal a ring from your fiancé for measurement. If you are slick enough, she probably won’t notice. Otherwise how else are you to going to measure the right size? Taking a secret quick snap of her fingers is probably not going to cut it. Although most jewellery retailers can adjust the size for you if it’s not right, think about how much hassle it will be going back and forth with this. Most importantly, you can really impress your fiancé by getting it right just once! Yes, women are very easily impressed sometimes.

Finally, ask her friends for advice! I know some people might not agree with me on this one, but most guys are really insensitive and slow when it comes to understanding a woman’s taste; her closest female friends probably know much better than you do. If her friends are nice and decent enough, they won’t dare to spoil the surprise for you. I’m sure you don’t have to worry about that.

So guys, if you are not sure, remember to follow the tips above. Engagement rings are more important than you think!

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